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Welcome to Peter Edwards Photography. We hope you enjoy our website and find it full of inspirational wedding ideas and examples of my favorite portrait and wedding photography.

Most of the photographs were taken right here in Perth, Western Australia. Please look at our blog posts which will showcase our most recent weddings and marriages as well as providing you with a wealth of helpful information for brides and grooms planning a planning a wedding.

Why Choose Us as Your Perth Wedding Photographers?

I have spent most of my life as a professional wedding photographer doing what I love — capturing a couples’ most special moments and producing stunning wedding photographs in the beautiful surroundings of Perth.  We care about what we do and it is our mission to capture the essence of your wedding day.

I am an Accredited Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and have achieved a Double Master of Photography.


Wedding Photographer Perth

Peter Edwards Photography offers professional, high-quality wedding photography in Perth WA. Our photographs capture the special moments of your wedding ensuring you remember the day for year to come.  An eye for style and design together with  our 20 years of experience allows us to create memorable images that last a lifetime.

We are familiar with Perth and its stunning surroundings and we know exactly where to go to get you those perfect wedding shots. Please take a few moments to browse our website and view some of our past Perth clients’ wedding photographs and you will get a sense of our photography style and our talent to capture the most meaningful moments on a wedding day.

One thing is sure, if you require exceptional wedding photography in Perth, we can definitely deliver.
For more information on our wedding photography service in Perth, contact us today!

We look forward to providing your wedding photography needs, whether you live in Perth, the South West or country WA.

 Portrait Photographer Perth

Portrait photographs are personal, they capture a moment in time and convey the emotions associated with that time. Peter Edwards Photography specialises in creating beautiful, charming and personal portraits projecting the natural personality of the subject. Our portrait photographs are the perfect memento for years to come.

A portrait photograph preserves the many wonderful expressions of family and children. From memories of tiny toes and fingers to birthdays, anniversaries, the teen years, graduations and engagements, a Peter Edwards Portrait Photograph will be with you for life and ensure great images that inspire memories of how you felt at the time, 10, 20 or 50 years on.

Corporate Portrait Photography Perth

Professional business portrait photographs capture the attention of your clients by adding instant personality to a business name. An image is often the difference between success and failure in business. A professional corporate portrait photograph will bring style and attention to social media, your website, marketing materials and more.

Whether you are after a professional portrait photograph to support your career or simply need to capture a loved one to celebrate or bookmark a particular time in their lives, Peter Edwards Portrait Photography guarantees to capture the required look.

couples portrait photography perth

Couples Portrait Photography Perth

As a specialist portrait photographer, Peter Edwards specialises in couple’s photography. We are able to assist with a theme to best show off your desired look and to capture the importance of the moment. We regularly follow couples from their engagements through to their wedding days and important anniversaries, featuring their expanding families over time.

Couples are encouraged to meet with us first to ensure we understand the importance of the occasion and to start building the rapport which is so important between a photographer and his subject.

Family Portrait Photography Perth

A Peter Edwards Portrait Photograph is a treasured family memory in many Perth homes. Peter has many years’ experience in capturing the essence of family. The portraits tell a story of happiness, joy and wonder, and that is the goal of a good portrait photographer. With years of experience Peter Edwards is skilled in the art of capturing images in stylish and unique ways. Each family has a mood and a personality that shows in different ways. Our experience in family photography ensures we are able to capture that mood and personality and give you a treasured memory for years to come.

family portrait photography perth

It’s a very old cliché, but “time does pass quickly”. Don’t miss the opportunity to have photographs taken when the moment counts. It is really important to capture those special, irreplaceable first days with your baby. Peter and Tegwyn are experts at ensuring your entire family will be totally at ease on the day of the family photo shoot. This is critical to ensuring they are able to capture natural images that share joy and display a family’s love for one another. Children love seeing photos from their younger days almost as much as their parents.

Keep Peter Edwards in mind for life’s milestones and celebrations; special birthdays, engagements, pregnancy, the birth of a child, anniversaries, family get-togethers and just when things are going great! Remember to capture your newborn, your toddler, your child, your teenager and your adult children. Time does pass so quickly that these times will be over in what seems like a flash. Let one of our photos capture your special moments in life.

Kids Portrait Photography Perth

Celebrating and capturing by photograph your children at different ages is something all parents’ treasure. Before you know it, they have grown up and left home and you want to be left with the memories of their childhood.

kids portrait photography perth

Peter Edwards Photography, have many years’ experience working with kids and teenagers. A child’s ability to successfully tune out their surroundings and just be themselves makes for wonderfully honest images, allowing you to enjoy the colourful, vibrant and natural pictures of your little kids for years to come.

As always Peter and Tegwyn are skilled at ensuring your children are completely comfortable, and that you will have many new photographic treasures for your family to cherish.


Wedding tips | Wedding Photographer Perth

If you’ve taken the time to find the Perth wedding photographer who is just the right fit for your wedding day, make sure you make the most of him/her. No doubt you’ve spent many hours on the internet searching for a Perth wedding photographer, looking at wedding pictures, reading about how the wedding photographer operates and how the fees are charged.

Not to mention the many hours spent visiting photographer’s studios, checking out their work and seeing if you want that person to be with you on your wedding day. Well after all that effort you will certainly want to make sure you get the most from your Perth wedding photographer. Here’s a few tips.

wedding photographer perth

Planning tips for Great Perth Wedding

  1. Set up a meeting at 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding date – A face to face meeting is an opportunity to let the wedding photographer know what is important to you and for him to let you know what is possible with the day you have planned. No point in wanting photographs around the old buildings of Fremantle if your ceremony is in Joondalup and you only have an hour between the ceremony and the reception.
  2. Allow extra time on the wedding day – Hair and makeup can often take longer on the wedding day, everyone wants to do their best for the bride. Allow an extra half hour onto the preparation time prior to the photographer’s arrival time. This way once the photographer arrives he/she is making the most of the time you’ve paid them for, and you’re not stressing because things are running late.
  3. Get the bride ready first – Remember that the bride is the most important person on the wedding day. You do not want to make her wait until last and run the risk of being rushed. Always ask the makeup artist and hair dresser to have the bride ready first. That way the photographer can start with photos of the bride and as each of the bridesmaids are ready they can be included in the shoot. If the bride is left until last there is the risk of someone taking longer than expected or perhaps having something redone. Before you know half an hour has slipped by and the makeup artist is rushing to get the bride’s makeup finished. The only exception to this is if there are 5 or more bridesmaids!
  4. Have your bouquets arrive half an hour before the wedding photographer – The fresh wedding bouquets are often photographed in still life photos at home so it is nice if they can be there just prior to the photographer arriving. That way if things are running a little late the wedding photographer can take some detail shots.
  5. The bride should not always be late! The old saying that the bride is always late, is just that, an old saying! Many churches and celebrants will have an afternoon of weddings booked and the last thing they want is a bride running late. Most brides like to get a shot with their dad or the special person walking them down the aisle. To make sure you can get these shots without holding up the ceremony arrive just five minutes before the ceremony time. This way the photographer has time to get some lovely shots of the two of you as well as a few fussing and fluffing shots before the minister or celebrant has you walking down the aisle.

5 criteria a Great Perth Wedding Photographer will meet

Planning a wedding is no easy task and being choosy on your wedding day is too late.  Making sure you do your homework first will make sure you have the right photographer for your special day.

When searching for a wedding photographer in Perth or elsewhere, look for or ask these things:

  1. Attitude and conviviality – Assess the wedding photographer’s personality. You need to feel comfortable with who you choose for they’ll be with you most of your wedding day. A professional who’s tactful, has excellent people skills and is organised will help the day run smoothly and put the two of you at ease
  2. Actual wedding photographer – On the big day, will the master photographer be in charge or will one of their staff? Determine this in advance so you can meet the actual person shooting and feel confident in their presence.
  3. Previous examples of their work – The wedding photographer’s portfolio is representative of their ability and style. Whilst no two photographers are alike, their ‘eye’ is equivalent to their ‘style.’
  4. Your style – It’s important to relay to the wedding photographer what style you’re aiming for. Black and white only? Retro? Casual? Formal? Make this clear ahead of time – and take another glance at that portfolio.
  5. Cost – Considering the fact that wedding photography can be a luxury, determine what your budget is ahead of meeting the wedding photographer. Most certainly, you’ll be offered options like photo albums, extra prints, enlargements, digital transfers, wedding albums, etc.

Why it is Important to Choose an Experienced Perth Wedding Photographer

The value of experience is similar for most crafts, the longer you’ve been doing it the better you get. When choosing a Wedding Photographer in Perth ensure your photographer has wedding experience. A photographer gets better at “seeing” photo opportunities, better at seeing location opportunities, better at knowing his equipment and better at being with people.

An experienced Perth wedding photographer will give you more than a collection of images, they will bring that special and emotional day together in a story book, so that when the pages of that story book are turned the feelings and emotions of that special day come flooding back.

What Can I Expect From a Professional Perth Wedding Photographer

The type and range of services offered will vary between Perth wedding photographers. It’s up to you to decide the type of photographic coverage you want on your wedding day. Professional wedding photographers will offer a full coverage from the “getting ready” stage to the “good-byes” at the end of the night. Of course if you want your wedding photographer to work 10 or 12 hours be prepared to pay for it. Generally a wedding day coverage will start at the bride’s home prior to the ceremony and finish as the reception starts. This would usually be 6-8 hours coverage.

Although the wedding day is the grand finale after considerable preparation for the bride and groom, the wedding day is just the beginning for the wedding photographer. A professional wedding photographer will offer a range of options including custom printed images, custom styled and made wedding albums, assistance in image selection, and professionally printed images and much more.

Be prepared for your professional photographer to take a great interest in what you have planned for your wedding day, the more they know the better the job they can do for you. A professional wedding photographer is a craftsman who will take pride in the service and quality product he/she hands over to you.