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It starts with a connection – a connection between like-minded people, honest people with a passion for their craft and a deep commitment to the integrity of their artistry. Peter and Sam met up at Samatha Wynne’s Mt Hawthorn Bridal Gown Boutique where the concept of a shoot showcasing Sam’s own bridal gown designs was born.

Sam set to work bringing together a team of passionate professionals, Rachelle from Pretty Parlour, Jappalin from Flower Talk, Jessica from The Blushing Bride, Anita from Kenzani Jewellry and enlisted Craig from Mandoon Estate to secure the location for the Bridal Gown photoshoot.

Peter set to work getting a feel for the classic, romantic and charming style of Sam’s Bridal Gown designs and visiting Mandoon Estate to decide on the best locations to set the mood for the shoot. So much to choose from, the country style house that is now the Linton & Kay Gallery, the river and jetty, the vineyard and the modern spacious buildings and grounds.

The day of the shoot arrived. The past week had seen rain and grey skies and the shoot day was no different, but the show must go on and the true professionals worked like the sun was shining. Our amazing models smiled as if they were bathing in sunshine. Kasey was a professional ballet dancer so was more than use to managing her body under extreme conditions. Michelle on the other hand was literally thrown off at the deep end! Spotted by Rochelle and Sam as she finished her shift as waitress at Mandoon, they asked her if she’d like to model for the shoot, and she gave it a go! In-fact she was a natural, tall with a gorgeous face and a sweet nature, she made Peter’s and my job easy. So here’s a sample of what went on. I must say a huge thank you to everyone who gave their absolute best.

Bridal Gowns: Samatha Wynne

Flowers: Flower Talk

Hair and Makeup: Pretty Parlour , Blushing Bride

Jewellry: Kezani Jewellry

Photo Location: Mandoon Estate

Photography: Peter and Tegwyn Edwards

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