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Betty and Peter came down from Mt Magnet to plan their wedding and wedding photography in Perth. Taking a break from the city they were walking along the South Perth foreshore and came across The Boatshed Restaurant, they looked no further it was perfect for their Reception and wedding photography. After seeing the view across the river to the city and meeting with Graeme they knew they had found the perfect place.

Graeme and Claire took care of everything from setting up the ceremony in the park adjacent to the restaurant to flowers on the tables and the wedding cake.

All the photography was able to be taken in and around the Boatshed Restaurant. We were able to capture some beautiful images at sunset. The Boatshed Restaurant has the most wonderful views of Perth. The scene changes every few minutes as the sun sets its truly a sight to be scene.

Peter’s family from the East joined them and their Mt Magnet family traveled south for the event.Peter made a excellent speech thanking everyone for making the trip from all around our big state. Betty and Peter then had fun as they had their first dance together as a married couple It was a perfect evening of laughter and fun with all the friends and family enjoying the great food and wonderful view.

Reception: The Boatshed Restaurant

Photography: Peter Edwards Photography

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