Vicki and Joel had the perfect Spring day, just a few days before the official start to Perth’s spring time for their Brookleigh Estate wedding on August 24th. Brookleigh in the Middle Swan district is the perfect setting for a spring time wedding.

Bridget and her team from Total Brides had Vicki and her two bridesmaids ready before we arrived for the photo shoot, – we love such efficiency!! The girls looked amazing. They soon had our very excited and bubbly Vicki dressed and ready for some bridal portraits.

The boys arrived at the manor to the sound of bagpipes being played, a nod of recognition to Vicki’s Scottish heritage. Joel was keeping a close eye on the time with his great grandfather’s pocket watch. So I’m glad to say Vicki didn’t keep him waiting and arrived on time in the Ford Tutor 1928 from AAA Executive. After the ceremony Vicki employed the services of a magician to keep the guests entertained prior to pre dinner drinks.

The photo session was a really a fun session with the bridal party obviously being long time friends who like having a good time. Vicki and Joel were not only blessed with a fabulous day but a fabulous sunset as well. The clouds were wispy and fluffy in the sky which made for a great back drop for their wedding images as the sun was going down.

Stewarts Restaurant at Brookleigh was the reception venue and continuing on the “fun” theme, the bridal party including the parents’ made an entertaining entrance, much to the delight of the guests who were gathered on the dance floor. Vicki and Joel went straight in to a dance to “Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC. Then later in the evening performed their bridal waltz to “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls.

The bridal party took advantage of the accommodation available at Brookleigh Estate and stayed the night in the manor. The next morning they enjoyed breakfast in the restaurant. Needless to say with such a fun loving couple and picturesque setting we captured wonderful candid shots as well as the classic wedding images. What a brilliant Brookleigh Estate Wedding.

Brookleigh Estate Wedding