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Pamela and Matthew’s wedding at the Tuart Hill Community Centre was a fabulous example of family and friends collaborating to make a couple’s day super special. Wedding family photography was a high priority and some lovely images were taken after the wedding. Wedding photographs were taken in and around the grounds of the Tuart Hill Community Centre. We found the bush settings worked a treat and some wonderful images were taken with the trees and bushes.

The Tuart Hill Community Centre building has some interesting design aspects that we took advantage of. The side wall had some yellow strips that made some dramatic photographs. We had some fun with the  large circular hole in the wall next to the steps. As the sun hit the horizon we noticed some interesting metal sculpture silhouetted against the sky, we quickly positioned Matthew and Pamela near the sculpture and captured a fantastic wedding silhouette photograph.

Friends and family participated in every aspect of their wedding day celebration including their wedding celebrant, wedding planner, music coordinator and reception stylist. Pamela and Matthew were also thrilled to have friends and family join them from interstate and overseas.

The reception was a night full of fun and games. Matthew and Pamela are keen  computer gamers so  part of the reception was set up for computer games. The whole far wall had the computer screen projected onto it for all the guests to be able to view all the action. Matthew and Pamela were the first up for the computer game. It was a keen battle with lots of action and fun. Next were members of the bridle party and the action and fun continued though the night. The next game was arranged by the bridesmaids, Matthew and Pamela had to sit in chairs in front of their guests. They had there backs to each other and had to answer questions from the bridesmaids by raising either one of the grooms or brides shoes to the right answer. Everyone quickly came to the conclusion that Pamela was the winner.

Reception: Tuart Hill Community Centre

Photography: Peter and Tegwyn Edwards

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