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We met up with Tracy and Daniel at Kings Park at the top of Perth’s business district, for a pre-wedding shoot and chat about timing and photos for their wedding day at Chapel Farm. The very first thing we noticed about Tracy was how camera shy she was. We broke her in gently, one of the benefits of having a pre wedding shoot, taking lots of pics with a telephoto lens, which put plenty of space between Tracy and the camera. By the time her wedding day arrived Tracy had gained confidence that Peter was a gentle wedding photographer whose main aim was to ensure she was comfortable and that she had photos of herself and Daniel that she’d just love. I can confidently say Peter achieved his goal, just look at the fabulously captured images, taken at Chapel Farm, the photos are the furthest thing from Tracy’s mind, just as it should be.

The ceremony and reception were held at Chapel Farm. They said Belinda who looked after them was fabulous and very attentive. Tracy and the girls got ready in one of the chalets on the property. They made their way around to the garden area overlooking the lake to meet Daniel and the boys, including their son for the ceremony. The wedding ceremony was conducted by Kirk Goodsell, who did a great job of ensuring Tracy and Daniel were relaxed and the guest were made to feel part of the special moments.

All the wedding photos were taken around the grounds of Chapel Farm. Chapel Farm offered a great variety of back-drops from rustic sheds, doors and fences to lush green and tall trees to paddocks and beautiful sunsets.

The outdoor undercover reception had a rustic, vintage feel and was styled and decorated by Tracy and Daniel with assistance from Daniel’s godmother Loretta who is owner of Magic by Design.

Bridal Gown: Pearls Bridal, Guildford

Rings: Rosendorffs Perth and Mazzucchelli’s

Venue: Chapel Farm

Flowers: Magic by Design

Celebrant: Kirk Goodsell

Photography: Peter and Tegwyn Edwards

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